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                                  Andrew Gibbons


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Date of Birth: 27th November 1959


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By the use of creative management and training initiatives I help people and organisations achieve more and with measurable results.


Having accrued a wealth of experience, and having an in-depth knowledge of personal, professional and organisational development, my consultancy initiatives are focused on stimulating and motivating sustainable change.





  • Analysing organisational performance and adaptability to change
  • Designing and delivering creative training programmes to impact on performance
  • Genuinely and tangibly managing my own professional learning and development
  • Communicating successfully with a wide range of people at all levels
  • Using creative problem-solving techniques to enhance organisational effectiveness
  • Evaluating effectiveness of interventions and impact on outcomes
  • Coaching individuals to achieve greater performance and to address challenging issues




Independent Management and Development Consultant (1992 onwards):

Established an independent management and training consultancy in July 1992, specialising in organisational development and soft skills training. Seeking opportunities to genuinely add value to individual and organisational performance via innovative learning initiatives that if needed, challenge and confront, not purely accommodate and appease.


Recent assignments include:


  • A National utility Company – Designed and ran management development programmes accredited with the Chartered Management Institute at Certificate and Diploma levels on many sites involving over 200 people. The programmes included an added value project with minimum attributable value of 10 and 20 thousand pounds.


  • A Manufacturing Company – A series of one to one coaching assignments, requiring swift rapport, clarification of issues needing attention, then supporting what is often a difficult process of confronting challenging and very rewarding outcomes.


  • A National Bank – developed and implemented an evaluation model to establish the value of a Division-wide team development programme. Interviewed dozens across all hierarchical levels, presented findings and recommendations to main board.


  • Various NHS Trusts – Designed and led short courses on: project management; developing teams, improving performance, negotiation, leadership and motivation.


    Designed and led 6-9 month management programmes with supported value added projects that provide a many times return on investment.


  • A University – designed and delivered a practical negotiation event for both academic and managerial staff. In addition, advised on Continuous Professional Development CPD) issues, using my own experience of this since 1987.


  • A Professional Body in the Health Sector - designed and implemented a certificated 10 session Team leadership programme for new managers.


  • Many Local Authorities – Designed and ran short courses on: managing conflict,

customer service and complaint management, leadership, negotiation skills, managing your own development, mentoring and team development.


Residential Management Tutor - Road Transport Industry Training Board 1988 – 1992

A member of a small team delivering a menu of residentially based events both short and of many weeks duration to managers and trainers within the Motor Industry and Haulage sector. My role included extensive travel and consultancy assignments within client organisations, large and small, all very bottom line oriented, and requiring clear added value outcomes.


Management Development Advisor - Gloucestershire County Council 1982 - 1988

Unusually, a management developer from the age of 22, I designed and delivered a wide variety of events for all professional departments across the organisation. This was an ideal environment in which to develop a learning-based approach to development.




  • BA (hons) Public Administration (1982)
  • Diploma in Human Resources – distinction in Employee Development (1985)
  • Certificate in Training and Development (1989)
  • Diploma in Training Management via Open Learning (1991)
  • TDLB D32/D33 Assessor (1999)





Chartered Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.





     Former Gloucester City Councillor.


     Writer of over 1700 learning logs – a million words since February 1987...


     Author of over eighty published articles on organisational, developmental and    

     managerial issues.
















































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