Significant thoughts and values that drive the way I work

The longer I have done this wok, the more frustrated I have become with clients that seem too 'tick boxy' and who have little or no real interest in the work we should be doing together. 


I turn down more work than I take on - these days I mostly work one to one with truly motivated people who are prepared to really work on their skills and fulfill potential.


My work is driven by these principles:

  • Return on investment
    I only take on work that I feel will result in a measurable, attribtable and lasting financial return to the client over cost. This rules out most corporate assignments as to my deep disappointment,  I feel very few clients are truly concerned about this - all should be!
  • Candour
    I say it as I see it - which rules out clients that only want to be be told good news, and whose insecurities make them risk averse, feeling uncomfortable about the exposure that comes with genuinely seeking to challenge the status quo and makes things a lot more effective.
  • Expertise
    I only offer consultancy services in areas where I possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.
  • Partnership
    I prefer to work with, not just for a client, and expect real interest and input to the work I am paid to perform.


Do you want to get to know more?

If this doesn't put you off, I would be pleased to hear from you - contact details are on the top line.





































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