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I have had over 80 articles published in various journals, newspapers, and online media.


Here is a summary of these:



"Learning logs for self-development" with Melanie Greene,

Training and Development February 1991.

"Too much training is a waste of time"

Industrial and Commercial Training August 1991.

"The recession – time to train"

Gloucester Citizen September 3rd 1991.

"50 signs of an unhealthy organisation"

Training and Development November 1991.  

Reprinted in the journals of the Institute of Management

Specialists; the YMCA, and the magazine of the Employment Agency

 in Northern Ireland. Also published within Trainingzone.

"Making training pay" Training Officer December 1991.

"The top 20 ways not to give people the boot"

Gloucester Citizen January 2nd 1992.

"Investors in People – A Trainer's concerns"

Training and Development November 1992.

"50 (more) signs of an unhealthy organisation"

Training and Development April 1993.

Reprinted as its predecessor above.
"Three minutes a day can help your professional development"

Personnel Management Plus April 1993.

"Motivation is the key to professional development"

Personnel Management Plus August 1993.

"CPD – Whose learning is it anyway?"

Training and Development March 1994.

"50 tips for improving interpersonal effectiveness"

Training Officer May 1994.

"50 tips for managing motivation"

Training Officer December 1994.

"50 tips for Managing time"

Training Officer December 1995.
"Could do better – how organisations can do more to manage

redundancy survivors" with Adrian Thornhill,

People Management 12th January 1995.  

"On-the-job development must become a priority"

People Management 23rd March 1995.

"Learning from work"

Chartered Surveyor Monthly May 1995.

"The positive management of redundancy survivors: Issues and lessons"

with Adrian Thornhill,

Employee Counselling Today Volume 7 Number 3 1995.

Reprinted as DBM Occasional Paper 95.12 1995.
"The positive management of redundancy – Part 1: Recognising

the training implications" with Adrian Thornhill, Jo Stead and Andy Gilbert,

Training Officer July/August 1995.

"The positive management of redundancy – Part 2: Help for those

who leave and those who stay" with Adrian Thornhill, Jo Stead, and

Andy Gilbert, Training Officer September 1995.

"Grab the chance to make the most of training"

Personnel Today 16th January 1996.

"Learning logs: some practical tips"

Training Officer May 1996.

"Learning is at the heart of what we do"

Training Officer June 1996.

"Apathy attack" letter published in People Management 24th July 1997.
"Take a lesson from a toddler"

Library Association Record October 1997.

"Four blocks to training"

Library Association Appointments Supplement 13th March 1998.

"Eight key learning skills"

Training Officer April 1998.

"Getting the most from mentoring: recent developments and learning"

Training Journal March 2000.

"Resolve to learn"

People Management December 2000.

"It's time we learned to learn" Training Journal March 2012.

"Three essentials for a return on investment" Training Journal September 2012

"What kind of professional are you - really?" On Reflection July 2015

"Three reasons a coach should keep a learning log" Coaching Perspectives April 2019

Published as a series within Training and Development:


"The trainer's dilemmas".

"The consultant's dilemmas".

"The counsellor's dilemmas".

"The learner's dilemmas" with Debbi Wilson.

"Ten tips for survival as a Trainer".

"Some generalisations on recruitment interviewees".

"Some generalisations on recruitment interviewers".

"Some generalisations on customers".

"Some generalisations on trainers".

"Some generalisations on training".



"Investors in People – a practitioner's guide" for the Local Government

Management Board. February 1995.

Chapter 14 – "A personal approach to CPD"

within "Continuing Professional Development, - perspectives on CPD in practice"

edited by Sandra Clyne, Kogan Page, March 1995.

"Managing downsizing and redundancy – A practical guide" with Adrian Thornhill

and Jo Stead, Technical Communications Publishing Ltd, May 1996.

Reprinted as "Managing downsizing and redundancy" by FT Pitman publishing, 1997.

"Grasping the nettle of redundancy" Human Resource Link Local Government Management Board.


Training Journal blogs


"Get it right - cutting strategically" May 2012

"Time to change how we create change" June 2013

"Four types of organisation" August 2013

"Fifty more signs of an unhealthy organisation" September 2013

"Call yourself a professional?" October 2013

"Twenty bad reasons good ideas get blocked" November 2013

"The Desire Opportunity and Competence learning model" December 2013 

"Why we don't reflect and why we should" January 2014

"Learning logs for real CPD" February 2014

"Net promoter score for a brave organisation" April 2014

"Are you a Dynamo. a Cruiser, or a Loser?" May 2014

"Four types of poor leader" August 2014

"Four types of Professional Body member in terms of CPD" January 2015

"Keeping a learning log: the first 28 years are the hardest" February 2015

"Too much emphasis on easy learning" July 2015

"Every little helps: The high value of iterative learning" August 2015

"What the Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon tells us about transformational leadership" September 2015

"Forty leadership quotes well worth a look" January 2016

"CPD for competitive advantage" February 2016

"The 70:20:10 model - 100% beyond most organisations" March 2016

"When will we see less bums on training seats, and more career plans for talented people?" April 2016

"Twenty four quotes rejecting what turned out to be great ideas" May 2016

"Using projects to bring serious financial returns from a leadership programme"

September 2016

"Experience is not a number" January 2017

"So what exactly is a Servant Leader?" April 2017

"Three types of learner" May 2017

"Three rarely seen coaching skills" June 2017

"The best decisions often need a Contrarian" July 2017

"Sixteen Mentor and mentoring definitions" August 2017

"Management Apprenticeships...some early learning" September 2017

"Ten coaching definitions" October 2017

"Five ethical frameworks for coaches" January 2018

"Coach the best for most impact" May 2018

"Nine learning points from using Professional Discussion for assessment"

March 2019

"Reading for CPD: How I overcame 'read and forget' syndrome" February 2019





















































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