What I do and recent examples of work

I develop solutions working at individual, team or whole organisation levels

After 36 years, I still have a passion for development and a realisation that I have developed valuable wisdom and experience...I still get a buzz from helping people to learn!


Now 1100 carefully selected videos

Short, learning-rich videos for coaching, personal development and more. All public domain - this saves you days of research time.


Leadership; customer service; negotiation; coaching, and other hot topics. All 1100 on a USB plus URLs for only £65 post-free. See samples and a full list.

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Ten ready to run full day skills workshops 

All you need to run a session on: 

      Negotiation and conflict management     

      Mentoring skills

      Managing change

      Developing interpersonal skills

      Improving the performance of teams

      Understanding leadership

      Customer service

      Project management

      Fundamentals of sales and marketing

                                                             Learning from work



Programmes, activities, videos, slides, handouts and more.


Click the left margin links for details, all ten workshops for £60.

Performance coaching

I am busier with coaching than ever before. For me, most coaching is over-priced, and under-delivering.


My coaching approach is very different to most!

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Leadership Apprenticeship levy programmes

I am now running level three and five levy-recovery worthy programmes using the ILM Trailblazer Diplomas.


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I have kept a hand written learning log since February 1987

Pictured is one of my four lever arch files with currently 1528 A4 entries around a million words - yes I actually do CPD! I run 'Learning from work' events to lessen dependence on expensive training courses and use many ways to genuinely manage our own development. Find out more

Change management

I have always enjoyed the challenge of helping a unit or whole organisation to move from one place to a better one.


Have a look in my free downloads section for a lot of material I have developed...in particular '50 signs of an unhealthy organisation'.

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Recent work

Have a look over some recent activity that gives an idea of what I do and with whom.

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