My change management work

Organisations fascinate me - all the more so since I no longer work within one in a conventional way.


Why so many fail to work as they should, and the unhelpful practices people within them never fail to amaze and disappoint me.


In 1992 I wrote '50 signs of an unhealthy organisation', followed a short while after by '50 more signs', to share my frustrations with the obstacles and problems so many place in front of getting things done well.


I spend a lot of time researching, reading up upon, and producing learning material around organisational issues.


It has developed an enduring interest in the factors that make organisations work as they do - leading me into leadership, customer service, and the positive management of redundancy for instance.


I love to work at the top of an organisation, with the people in a position to steer direction, and get a real sense of achievement when I see at least a little positive movement. Do take a look at some recent work



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