Customised design and support

Since working for myself in 1992 I have taken on a lot of varied and always interesting work. My style is to work with, not for, my clients, and together we achieve a lot more than working independently.


Somtimes I am used as an objective third party, or as an expendable voice that says what others don't wish for fear of something unpleasant. That never bothers me, it's all part of the way of life and work.


Other times I have undertaken learning needs analysis, again involving semi structured interviews...the direct unnatributed quotes in the long appendix at the back of the final report always gets a lot of attention.


Then there are times I am a bought in colleague, someone to bounce ideas off, and to input my many years of experience and know how.


Ask Andrew - hire me to find material on a specific topic

Just give me a ring or email to clarify what you want help with, we set up a written brief, put timescales and a value on it and away I go...doing what you haven't got time for, or providing thoughts and ideas that are different to your own.




Examples of recent 'hire me by the hour' assignments


The management of customer complaints and service recovery


Practical applications of reslience in the workplace


Using social media for learner-managed learning delivery


An explanation of net promoter score to truly measure customer loyalty and satisfaction