Profitable leadership programmes


This programme has been evolving for over fifteen years.

Provide motivated, capable people; support them and treat their ideas with respect; give access to senior decision makers, and this programme delivers serious financially measured returns.

Typical duration of programme 6-12 months.




Five elements to the programme

Practical workshops to develop skills and business awareness

A project that saves or generates at least £10 000 - a typical value

Presentation in front of decision makers and invited supporters

A record of learning -  note it, don't lose it!

Accredited by the CMI or ILM - I can manage any numbers!

This programme requires people with these characteristics


Someone with a manager who actively supports their development, and performs an enabling, interested, empowering role thoughout the programme.


The workload scope and personal commitment to devote sufficient time and energy to the programme in order to achieve significant application of learning to the workplace.


A likelihood of staying in the organisation long enough to return a greater value through learning transfer and project implementation than the cost.


The ability to show genuine interest and support to colleagues within the programme, and to be a positive force within the learning group.


A willingness to identify and record personal learning, and to take real responsibility for their own development.


Yes it's asking a lot, and this programme delivers huge returns working with perfectly ordinary people who given the chance can return truly extraordinary results.





This programme, adapted to meet specific needs, has delivered financially measured returns many times costs in for instance, the utilities, NHS and energy sectors.


Content, number of participants, timescales, project values and more can all be customised.






Some recent NHS project successes                                                              £ 


Reducing in-patient length of stay for neck of Femur fractures                        984 540

Significantly reducing out-patient did not attend (DNA) rates                          711 188

Avoiding financial penalties resulting from grade 3 and 4 pressure ulcers         560 000

Renal vascular access pathway re-design                                                      211 938

Change of supplier for just five dried food products                                          14 402

Using pre-paid Royal Mail licence not stamps in one of 13 business units             8 674



Some recent utilities sector client successes


Improving the audit process for contractor invoices                                     3 528 289

Re-alignment and synchronisation of major site inspections                            340 710

Reduction in material wastage via more efficient inventory control                   183 320

Utilisation of employed teams for currently contracted maintenance                 180 000

Rescheduling and integration of planned maintenance procedures                      50 000

A plan to eliminate fixed penalty notices                                                          41 620



Typical financially measured programme return on investment in excess of 4160%


        All values are annualised - so the returns keep coming!






I have run leadership development programmes for, amongst others...




     Walsall Manor Hospital

     Birmingham Women's Hospital

     The BMA


     The Royal Othopeadic Hospital

     University Hospital Birmingham

     West Mercia Probation Trust


     Com Dev Wireless Group




Interested? Then let's see if this is right for you...

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