Performance coaching

More of my time is spent working one to one on specific needs with people I get to know and whose issues bcome so much more clear than when one of a group.


The best form of coaching for me involves face to face contact, and really getting clarity over the things to work upon. I don't think a real connection can be made with someone you never meet.


I like to supplement my coaching contacts with things to read, and to do, as this adds a lot of value.


My particular pleasure is career coaching and working with talented high performers. In addition, I like to coach the coach - for four years I was a residential developer of trainers and I still love that work.



This may be of interest: 

  • My coaching material - diagnostics, exercises and so on
  • A USB with 73 coaching articles, 50 slides.
  • Accreditation - the 'certificate of coaching in the workplace'
  • Discussing how best coaching could work for you ?
  • Exploring the use of coaching for talent management and retention
  • Hiring me by the hour to work with you on a specific issue