Customer service




Introductions, issue of learning points, overview



First activity: 'Hall of fame, hall of shame - who's better and who's worse?'



Slideshow: Ideas woth a close look


        Four things customers want

        Three brave questions to ask customers

        Four customer service promises

        The four 'r's of real customer focus

        Five levels of real customer bonding

        Nine signs of real customer service

        Four zones of customer service

        Five dimensions of service



Activity: Six types of customer


        We all have each of them - how can we manage them better?



Video: 'Give them the pickle'


         Plenty of learning from this, whatever your context



Activity: Four questions


         Identify and improve the truly significant customer issues in your organisation



Significant generalisations...


         On customer service, and on the management of complaints



Slideshow: Practical thoughts around service recovery


                 Four specific types of disloyal customer

                 Four parts to the service recovery model

                 Five ways to manage angry customers

                 Six common causes of complaints

                 Six things customers don't want when complaining

                 Six myths about complaints

                 Six things never to do when handling a complaint



Customer service diagnostic activity


                 So what specifically does it take to deliver truly exceptional customer service?


                 Let's round off the day with some clear answers to that question



Review and action planning


                 Three things you will do in a month to make today really worthwhile