Developing interpersonal effectiveness

All you need to run a half day or full one day event


Behavioural learning objectives


Programme - change to suit your needs


Exercises and activities


Adaptable slides


Videos and a lot of additional optional material.



All this for just £40 buy from my online shop, and your material will be sent on a disk.






Check in: Introductions, overview, issue of learning points sheets



First activity: To set the scene, raise important issues.


        Debrief and capture of learning on learning points sheets



Slideshow: Fundamentals of interpersonal skills


        Three behaviour types

        Two principles of assertion

        Six types of assertion

        Ten 'rights' as a person

        Four emotional realities

        Six ways to manage your emotions



Practical activity: six principles of behaviour


        This is essential for an understanding behaviour - keep your  learning points sheets handy



Emotional intelligence activity: The seven signs of an emotionally competent person



Assertivess - standing up for your rights without causing offence


        Six types of assertion activity



Two short videos:


        Five ways to listen

        Why we don't listen



Practical activity: Non verbal communication - identifying emotions and feelings


         A chance to work on doing this more accurately       



Slideshow: Some specifics around interpersonal effectiveness


        Three levels of listening

        Six parts to the LISTEN model

        Four rules of praise

        Eight issues on criticising constructively

        Ten golden rules for giving feedback



Final activity: Giving positive personal feedback


        A powerful and motivating activity you can take back to work with positive effect



Review and planning to apply your learning


        Three things you will do in a month to make today worthwhile 







All materials for a 'developing yourself and others' training day         £40