Improving the performance of teams - summary of material on disk and typical programme

A summary of disk contents - witha lot of additional material for more options 


Behavioural learning objectives


Learning points sheets


Programme - change to suit your needs


'2 teams' - an introductory activity that raises - serious issues to work upon


2 videos: 'we're all in this together' and 'the four traits of high performing teams'


75 point team diagnostic to assess current strengths and specifics to work upon


Team diagnostic activty brief


27 adaptable team working slides and pdf file


16 team working quotes


'Reds and blues' activity


'Zin Obelisk' activity


Quotes from running 'reds and blues' - plenty of learning within the rather direct comments


Practical activity 'spaghetti towers'


Positive feedback activity


The 17 indisputable laws of teamwork


'Ideal team' acivity


'Points make prizes' activity


'Now and then' team activity


'Team SWOT' activity


'Team charter' activity


A team NVQ! 


Alphabet names activity - a great way to demonstrate 'synergy' - the collective power of teams


Review and action planning activity 




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Introductions, overview and issue of learning point sheets



First activity: Two teams - setting te scene and raising early issues


        Debrief if learning and capture of specific matters to work on during the day



Practical exercise: 'Alphabet names'


        A rare opportunity to experience real synergy - teams really are more productive!



Practical models and ideas about what makes a high performaning team


        Three levels on which to measure team effectiveness

        Seven essentials of top teamworking

        Eight qualities of team greatness

        Eight indicators of a high performing team

        Nine signs that a team is working well



Team quotes


        Classic thoughts on and around teamworking



Practical activity: 'Reds and blues'


        A chance to work in two teams and to test collaboration/competition instincts



Practical activity: Personal positive feedback


        A memorable exeperience highlighting that mature teams can handle feedback skilfully



Key measures of high performing teams


        Four parts to the classic team development model

        Six things real leaders of teams can do well

        Eight enablers of effective teamwork

        Nine steps to developing a powerful team

        Nine building blocks of teamwork


Practical activity: 'The Zin obelisk'


        A classic teamwork and information sharing activity which generates a lot of learning



Last activity: 'A team diagnostic'


        So what does it take to be a real team? Your thoughts then 75 more to top up.


        Specific issues to work on when you return to work to improve your team's performance



Review and action planning


        Three things you will do in a month to make today really worthwhile 



All materials for an 'improving the performance of teams' day        £40