Learning from work



Check in, overview and issue of learning points sheets


Learning diagnostic activity


        Debrief of learning and capture on learning points sheets



Slideshow: Practical learning models


        Two simple learning models - EDP and MUD

        Three types of learning

        Three wise learning thoughts from Confucius

        Three key variables for successful learning and development

        Competitive advantage from difficuly learning

        Four levels of learning

        Four stages to the learning cycle



Activity: Building on what you have


        What strengths should you focus on and develop further?


        What don't you do so well, and need to spend as little time on as possible?



Key learning quotes


        Wise thoughts around learning that should prompt some of your own



Generalisations activity


        Provocative generalisations around managing your own development



Acivity: Sources of learning


        What are your sources - what can you add, to truly drive your development?



Eight key learning skills


        Which of these are you ok on, and which need some work?



The learning log


        An example of a learning log, and an exploration of issues around logging


        Thoughts on what to record, and 50 tips for learning loggers



Slideshow: Key issues for managing your own development


        Three issues underpinning learning

        Six issues around managing your own learning

        Six big problems with training and development

        Six ways to move adults to mature learners

        Seven principles when helping people to learn

        Seven key issues around continuous professional development



Netorking - and never, ever notworking


        A practical pairs activity to build and develop your personal learning network



Review and planning to apply your learning


        Three things you will do in the next month to make today worthwhile