Mentoring skills - What you get on the disk, and typical programme

What you get on the disk


Behavioural learning objectives with typical programme 


Learning points sheets


8 definitions of 'mentor' and 8 of 'mentoring'


50 point mentoring diagnostic


10 important questions for mentees


6 principles of behaviour activity


Positive feedback activity


4 slideshows


8 mentoring generalisations


134 mentoring 'ings' - activities or behaviours of a mentor


62 behaviours mentees like in a mentor


41 behaviours mentees don't like in a mentor


56 adaptable mentoring slides


81 adaptable learning and development slides


8 page mentoring styles tool


58 item mentoring bibliography


8 page summary from mentoring articles


14 page mentoring resouce as a pdf document


2 videos: 'what is mentoring?' and 'what are the benefits of a good mentor?'




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Introductions, overview and issue of learning points sheets




What do we mean by mentoring, and what does a mentor do?


        Sixteen definitions: mentor and mentoring

        Seven key issues around mentoring

        Three ethical issues

        Eight outcomes of mentoring

        Six ways mentoring helps

        Four stages in the learning cycle




Practical activity: Mentor-ings


        An individual, then group exercise to explore and clarify specific mentor roles


        After the group generated thoughts, you get 134 more to look over




What to look for in a mentor


        Eight characteristics of a mentor

        Four mentor obligations

        Six ways to mentor

        Eight things real mentors do well

        Six qualities of successful mentors




What about mentees?


        Sixty specifics that mentees seek from a mentor

        Forty turn off factors mentess say they don't want to see in a mentor

        Five obligations of a mentee

        Six responsibilities of a mentee

        Six questions mentees have when seeking a mentor

        Seven mentee benefits of mentoring




Two more practical tasks


        Eight mentoring generalisations - challenging, provocative issues from which to learn


        Six principles of behaviour - why we behave as we do, with implications for mentors




Mentors need to know about learning - six great models that really help


        Three types of learning

        Four options to prompt learning

        Three wise thoughts from Confucious

        Four levels of learning

        Three key learning variables

        Four values of learning



A 50 point mentoring diagnostic


        So do you have what it takes to be a successful mentor?


        This tool identifies your current strengths and specific issues to work on



A positive feedback skills activity


        A chance to really use positive feedback skills - something every mentor must do well


        Make sure you are capturing your learning on the learning points sheets



Review and action planning


        Three things you will do in a month to make today really worthwhile 





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