Negotiation and conflict management - what you get on the disk, and typical programme


All you need to run a half day or full one day event


Programme as below - change to suit your needs


Learning points sheet


Negotiation 1-2-3 activity with trainer's notes


20 definitions of 'successful negotiation and 75 preconditions for 'successful negotiation'


The 'reds and blues' activity


Practical activity 'divide the loot'


8 conflict management generalisations practical activity


50 point negotiation skills diagnostic


48 laws of power listed and 2 pages of quotes from the book


2 slideshows


Final action planning activity


Outline of indicative content with behavioural learning objectives


6 types of assertion exercise


2 book summaries - "Getting to 'yes' " and "Getting past 'no' "


8 page negotiation resource


47 adaptable negotiation slides


2 articles on the 'reds and blues' activity


27 negotiation items on this short 'negotiation' bibliography


6 principles of behaviour activity


4 videos: 'Getting to yes', negotiating to win', 'negotiation - two strategies'

              and 'the science of persuasion




All this for just £40 buy from my online shop, and your material will be sent on a disk.




Introductions, overview and issue of learning points.



First practical activity: Negotiation 1-2-3 what do we really mean by successful negotiation?


        Debrief of the 1-2-3 activity - what was learned?



Negotiation and interpersonal models worth a look


        Four stages to negotiation

        Six parts to the POTASH negotiation model

        Five ways to handle conflict

        Six sources of power

        Six parts to the RADPAC negotiation model

        Five 'C' s of negotiation

        Five parts to a BATNA - best alternative to a negotiated agreement



Second practical activity: 'Reds and blues' plenty of learning always results from this.


        Learning debrief to capture and plan learning.



An overview of 'Power', an essential and too little understood element of negotiation


        The 48 laws of power - which do you like and which don't you..?



Generalisations around conflict - ideas you can use and thast make a real difference.



Skills and practical ideas for negotiators


        Two principles of assertion

        Six types of assertion

        Four ways to persuade

        Four reasons not to show your hand

        Eight things negotiators can do well



Third major practical activity: 'Divide the loot'  - a negotiation exercise using real money!


        Always a powerful activity that generates memorable learning 



A negotiation diagnostic


        First your thoughts on the specific behaviours of the best negotiators then fifty more!



Review of learning and action planning 


        Three things you will do in a month to make today really worthwhile




All materials for a negotiation and conflict management training day    £40