Leadership and performance management - summary of all ,aterial supplied, followed by typical programme

All you need to run a one day event - with additional material for more options


Outline with learning objectives and indicative content


Programme - see below, adapt to suit your needs


50 point leadership diagnostic


Leadership: First activity


6 slideshows - 3 each on leadership and performance management to provide options


Leadership quotes activity


Performance management personal feedback activity


12 differences between leadership and management - activity 


8 signs of emotionally intelligent leaders


6 emotional intelligence leadership styles


Action planning and learning application activity


Performance management quotes activity


Performance management explanatory activity


29 page leadership resource


50 leadership article bibliography


3 book summaries: 'On becoming a leader', 'leaders' and 'the way of the leader'


210 adaptable leadership slides and 100 on performance management


4 page 1800 word trainer's guide


4 leadership videos: 'how to be a better leader', 'what does a leader do', 'Jim Kouzes on   

                              leadership' and 'General Stanley McChrystal - listen, learn then lead'


2 performance management videos: 'performance appraisal gone bad' and

                                                     'what do people do all day?'


2 videos activity - to make the best use of the selected videos from the above set 


Activity: Spaghetti towers


Activity: Zin Obelisk



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Leadership and performance management



Introductions, overview and issue of learning points



What is leadership?


        An early activity to share thoughts and focus on real leaders


        Debrief: So what makes leaders so special, and what marks them out?



Characteristics and qualities of leaders


        Six characteristics most admired in a leader 

        Eight attributes of leaders

        Ten qualities of leadership

        Ten features of real leaders

        Seven leadership signs



A 50 point leadership diagnostic activity


        Fifty statements to identify specific skills and issue to work upon


        The three most significant to work on after today...



The special skills of the real leader


        Five things only real leaders do

        Seven keys to leadership

        Five foundations of leadership

        Seven ways leaders do things differently

        Three sets of needs a leader must balance

        Nine respononsibilities of leaders



Thirty great leadership quotes - which do you like best?


        Choose the three that will prompt actions from today...



Twelve ways leadership is different to management


        A really powerful list from Warren Bennis


        What can you learn from this? Keep those learning points sheets close



Leadership on context - leading to manage change


        Five ways leaders create vision

        Nine ways leaders manage change

        Five ethical questions for leaders

        Six core questions a leader asks

        Nine ways leaders transform organisations 




Performance management



So what is performance management?


        Two definitions and an explanation

        Eight pay offs of performance management

        Six basic job needs

        Four things every job should have

        Four signs of a performance culture



Fifteen wise thoughts on and around performance


        Which hit home for you?



Two short videos: 'What do people do all day?'


        Engagement as a key element of performance management


        Why are so manay people disengaged at work, and what can be done about this?



                           'Appraisal gone wrong'


        Performance management is also about monitoring, developing and retaining talent


        What more can you do to add real value, and keep your best people longer?



 Models, methods and key issues around performance management


        Performance management: six related issues

        Four part ACAS model to best understand motivation at work

        Six factors that determine performance

        Five parts to the performance cycle

        Four essentials for performance management

        Six chances people want in really effective teams



The key personal skill is feedback


        A powerful, learning rich activity focusing on the value of giving positive feedback


        What was learned from this, and what will you do differently as a result?



The skills neded to manage performance


        Four rules of praise

        Six roles for the empowering manager

        Eight signs of a high performaning team

        Sex types of assertion

        Ten rules for giving feedback



Review and action planning - what will you do within a month following today?







All materials for a leadership skills and performance management day       £40