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Change management                                  

Customer service, sales and marketing       


Presentation skills                                     

Team working

Coaching, assertion...and a lot more. 


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Mentoring skills

Improving team performance

Managing conflict and negotiation skills

Learning from work


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The best messages and infographics from Linked-in


Carefully chosen wise words and learning-rich diagrams.


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Latest: 'Will we ever see less bums on training seats and more careers for talented people?'



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Guaranteed many times return on investment leadership development programme


No idle boast - this claim is based on fifteen years of proven track record in for instance the utilities sector and the NHS.


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All you need to run ten training days


 Understanding leadership       

 Mentoring skills

 Improving the performance of teams               

 Customer service                       

 Change management

 Learning from work

 Project management

 Sales and marketing

                                                               Developing interpersonal skills

                                                               Negotiation and conflict management      


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