Coaching with a real difference, low cost high access = serious value

I believe three things about coaching...

One:     To be effective, coaching requires initial hours to understand context, needs,

            and to mutually clarify achievable realistic outcomes.


Two:     For the best results, coaches should be accessible and responsive to client needs,

             and must not purely depend on pre set time restricted appointments.


Three:   Most coaching is outrageously expensive, pricing most with needs out of the frame,

             and is not often enough led by experienced, qualified, credible people.

So, here is my radical coaching model

The no time restriction, three months at a time new and better way

For three months you get as much of my time as you need - yes really!


Personal contact is unquestionably the best way to do this - 'though phone and Skype really can work, and better than I thought it could.


Yes we can set times, but I expect you to lead the process and seek contact when you need.


After three months we review progress and you decide omn another three months if this suits.


The intensity of this model and the time it needs, restricts me to working with no more six people at a time.


This is not purely a listening, therapy session, I will as appropriate, give you things to do, to help you get better informed, and even a little more capable of doing challenging tasks.


       This unusual way of coaching costs for three months what too may charge per hour.


   Three months of unlimited access coaching self funded is only £350




It will help to know this about me...

I have been helping people to learn since 1982, and independently since 1992.


Having grown frustrated then downright angry with those that 'lead' organisations' lack of will to change things for the better, I have all but given up on that and devote my time and energies to working with ambitious, talented, and motivated individuals - this is where I get my pleasure in work, and I learn a lot from this too!


After a more than a third of a century in the learning business, I have developed a serious resource that helps me meet indivual development needs.


I don't accept everyone, and the initial phone calls are a two way means to see if we suit each other, and if we can achieve your intended outcomes.



                So, if this is of interest, you better get to a phone or email me...


              07904 201 474     Email me at





































































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Low cost high value coaching with a real focus on you and your needs


I have been helping people to learn since 1982.


Frankly, I am fed up with investing time and energy on corporate work that is usually a total waste of my time and a client's money.


I prefer giving practical help to motivated, capabale individuals who seek guidance in achieving their potential and accelerate the rate at which they apply learning and perform well at higher levels. 


I have looked over a lot of other coaching offerings and very few impress.


Most coaches seem relatively inexperienced, unqualified, overpriced and inflexible.


If you want a hand holding therapist there are plenty of them out there - that's not me! 


I am a needs focused, well resourced, performance-driven learning propfessional who for 32 years has enjoyed seeing people with potential develop and achieve.

This is how it works

We have a no cost, detailed conversation that explores your needs and your context, your experience and your tangible expectations from the process.


It is very likely it will take two or more calls to be ready for a start - or not. If I feel I can't help, I will tell you so.


We will agree what works, skype or actual contact...the latter has a mileage cost.


Then, if we both feel we can achieve something worthwhile together...

The next stage is to clarify your specific needs in writing, so we are both clear. This is a start point, and issues will emerge to adapt this, but we need to be clear what we want to achieve.


I will invoice you for four sessions at £50 a time...these will not be time restricted, and will not include time I spend between contacts sourcing and sending material and ideas of value.


You will receive a package of four disks with over 600 videos; 1500 articles, and 1000 slides in 17 topic sets. It is likely we will use much of this material during our work together.


I will expect you to be an active partner in this process, for instance reading articles and book summaries to become better informed, and to find time to reflect upon, and record your learning so it sticks. We won't just have cosy phone calls.


We keep the relationship going for as long we both feel it is working.


The clock will never drive the process. I believe in this, it's what I have done for a very long time.


My coaching is priced to be accessible to all with needs, and who may be excluded by what others charge. I am less focused on my income that the creation of learning and the nurture of your talent.



If you feel this approach would work for you...


    Then I would be very happy to hear from you:


         Call on mobile:  07904 201 474     or email: